Yes, You Can Appeal Your Assessment Bill

You open the mail from your county assessor and see another whopping tax assessment bill. You’d love to pay less but you have no control. Or do you? Did you know with an independent appraisal you can possibly appeal your tax assessment, proving your property merits a reduction in its assessed value saving you money? 

A Little Known Tool To Save You Money: The Property Appraisal 

It’s a fact, an independent property assessment can equal dollar signs for homeowners. As home values are decided by home sales near the property, if your home has fewer bells and whistles than those sold, you could be overpaying. It’s difficult to know exactly why those other homes sold at those values, but an independent appraisal can nonetheless determine the true value of your home, ensuring you are not paying at a value that doesn’t make sense. 

With An Independent Property Appraisal You Are in Control

The appraisal DVS can offer would be yours to own, use it or not, it’s your choice. As the purchaser of the appraisal report it would not be public record, nor would DVS Appraisals share these types of appraisals, as it is your private document until you choose to provide it. 

The Appeal Of An Appeal

DVS can advise you on the appeal process, as each county is a little different. For example in Sacramento residents have until November 30th to request an appeal, but there are varying filing deadlines depending on the county. Probably the most promising reason to file an appeal? “The burden of proof lies with the assessor’s office to establish that their opinion of value is correct,” according to the California Board of Equalization. Armed with an accurate property appraisal, homeowners can take back control of what they are charged for their home. 
As always, reach out to us via this contact form to find out how we can help, we enjoy advising homeowners on how the appeal process may assist them.