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We're Taking The Stress Out Of Appraisals

No one wants to go through an anxiety-inducing real estate appraisal. We've developed an in-depth process to ensure that you can rely on us for an excellent experience and a trustworthy appraisal. 

We Offer A Wide Range Of Services


Estate Planning

When a real estate owner passes away, an appraisal is often needed to establish a value as of the date of passing. We can help with that process.


PMI Removal

When home values increase or loan principles decrease, Private Mortgage Insurance may no longer be required by the lender. In these cases, removing your PMI could reduce your mortgage payment.


Divorce and Settlement Disputes

An objective, third-party valuation of real estate is often helpful in these situations.


Tax Assessments

If the tax assessor incorrectly values a property, an independent appraisal is helpful to correct the value.


Bond Appraisals

When people find themselves on the wrong side of the law, they may need a bond appraisal in order to use residential assets as collateral for a bond.


Mortgage Lending

An appraisal provides you with an independent report on a home's worth, providing homebuyers with vital financial information. 



"After experiencing some complications with my first lender... Digital Valuation Services made this situation significantly easier for me with their prompt communication, excellent and thorough service, and professional and courteous customer service..."

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"...They delivered not only what they promised but more...they were on time for the appointment, friendly as well as professional while in my homes, and the turnaround time for the appraisal report was very quick..."

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