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Providing Superior Appraisals, Every Time

It’s impossible to make an informed decision if you lack the information. Often homeowners who struggle to decide their next financial move just need a little help from an appraiser to empower their choices. An unbiased property analysis offers that critical information homeowners need, with accurate and objective details provided by a detailed home appraisal. DVS Appraisals are exceptional at offering a level of experience so homeowners feel comfortable knowing their home value and potential.

Placer Experts Doing What They Love, Where They Live

DVS Appraisals has a history of providing professional and personal services in Placer County. Rob and Renee love where they live and put their energy and professionalism into making it even stronger. This commitment shows, from their superior work with homeowners and businesses, to their community service via advisory roles and public speaking. 

A Family Business Serving A Family Friendly Community

Placer County and its surrounding areas are known for their value of family life and community friendly focus. 

Rob and Renee share those principles, with Rob serving on the Real Estate Appraiser Association Sacramento Chapter as President, as well as the Real Estate Appraiser Association Corporate Board of Directors as Treasurer.  Renee is currently serving on the Roseville City School District Foundation as Vice President, and the City of Roseville Grants Advisory Commision.. Both continue to focus on what they can continue to offer our community with their services. 

They love to talk with owners about how their home appraisal services can help, contact them today.