Don’t End Up On The Wrong Side Of A Bond Appraisal

It is unimaginable that your loved one might call you in custody, needing to post bail. Should you ever be in this unfortunate situation without the cash to post their bail, a property bond appraisal of your home would be required. A situation like this calls for quick action and DVS Appraisals has experience in expediting this service and understands the importance of professionalism to resolve things swiftly.

What Is A Bond Appraisal? 

A bond appraisal is simply an assessment of your property’s value needed for the court to accept it in lieu of cash payment. The court must be able to confirm the property’s value is greater than the bond value needed. A licensed appraiser is the tool you need to provide proof of your home’s value. This appraisal is conducted quite like any other appraisal of your property.

When Time Is Of The Essence

DVS Appraisals has helped homeowners with this type of assessment extensively, and we understand the need for professionalism, speed and resolution. We have experience providing the courts what they need. 
Please contact us should you ever find yourself in this difficult situation to see how we can fast track your appraisal to fit the schedules of all involved.