Piggy bank saving money with a lowered mortgage from DVS PMI removal.

Save Money On Your Mortgage With PMI Removal

March 6, 2023

Do you currently pay mortgage insurance, and your principal balance is less than 80% of your original purchase price? As a residential real estate appraisal firm, we have partnered with a mortgage lender to remove homeowner’s PMI for over 20 years. Join us as we walk through what PMI is and how removing it cuts […]

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Woman is scheduling or going over her real estate appraisal with an agent.

2022 Market Wrap-Up! Now, What Awaits In 2023?

March 1, 2023

As we settle into the new year, it’s important to reflect on the previous year and understand what lies ahead. So, what exactly lies ahead for the real estate market in 2023? Though there are many speculations and misconceptions floating around, we are still very much in a seller’s market, and demand continues to remain […]

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Estate Plan Declaration that DVS Appraisals helped their customers with.

Estate Planning Appraisals

March 1, 2023

While most people don’t want to think about estate planning, it is one way to make sure all your affairs are in order for you and your loved ones. There are many different ways to approach this process, and your estate plan should be tailored to meet your unique situation and goals. However, one thing […]

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Approved and helpful ANSI Sketch

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On ANSI For Realtors

March 1, 2023

If you’re in the real estate industry, you’ve probably heard of ANSI. If not, let us explain. ANSI is a standard of measuring which has been required by Fannie Mae for reporting living area and non-living areas. These requirements were effective as of April 1, 2022.  The ANSI standard specifies how your calculations will be […]

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Estate planning with a professional.

Importance of Estate Planning Appraisals

September 14, 2021

There’s never a good time to think about what happens to an estate after one’s death. Many do not begin planning until it’s too late. Instead of grieving, relatives and friends are forced to deal with their loved ones’ estate. In order to not leave heart broken family and friends in charge of dealing with […]

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Kids helping parents get ready for a house appraisal.

Getting Ready for Your Appraisal

August 24, 2021

An appraisal may seem like an extensive process, but don’t worry. We make it easy! From estate planning to PMI removal we are your go to appraisers. With over 20 years of experience we make the process as easy as possible in a quick and timely manner. It may be intimidating if you don’t know […]

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Many homeowners are celebrating their independence from PMI payments thanks to Sacramento’s quickly rising prices increasing the value of their homes.

Celebrate Your Independence from PMI Payments

July 4, 2021

You might be still paying a great deal of money for a line item you took on when you bought your home called Private Mortgage Insurance. Normally it’s great to be insured, but this is not true in any way with PMI because the “private” party benefiting from this insurance is the bank, never the […]

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Getting from appraisal to a completed sale or refinance transaction is made easier by being prepared.

How to Get Your Best Home Appraisal in Six Steps

June 1, 2021

A home appraisal is an unbiased assessment by a professional. Appraisers, like any experts, need the right tools to get the most accurate report for their clients. What homeowners need to understand is that they hold many of these tools, in fact, some of the most essential ones, and are key to an appraisal. It […]

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Learn the value of your home with an Appraisal from DVS today!

Why Should You Get a Home Value Appraisal?

May 4, 2021

The housing market in California is at an all-time high. That’s where a home appraisal comes in. There are many reasons you may want to get your home value appraised in this current market. Whether it is for a Tax Assessment, Estate Planning, or even the removal of PMI from your mortgage, we at DVS […]

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When clients find the right appraiser, they’re ready to let everyone know

How to Know If Your Appraiser Is Right for You

February 8, 2021

Finding a great appraiser requires knowing just what to look for in this critical role in purchasing a house. Unfortunately, it can be a bit confusing for many homebuyers. Most people aren’t quite sure what all is essential for a qualified home appraiser to get the job done. Buyers just know the clock is ticking […]

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