Divorce and Settlement

Divorce & Settlements

Appraisals for Divorce

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Clear, Reliable Appraisals

Dividing assets in the event of a divorce can invite heartache and conflict in an already stressful situation. A reliable home appraisal can help make your divorce settlement go a bit smoother. 


Your attorney will rely on this appraisal to help determine a fair value for your property, providing a foundation for a more straightforward settlement process. 


Choosing someone you trust for an accurate home appraisal for your divorce is a crucial step in finalizing the separation and moving on with your life.

Accurate Divorce Home Appraisals For A Smoother Settlement


Asset Protection

An experienced attorney and an objective appraiser are crucial to protecting your assets in the event of a divorce. Many people's biggest asset is their home; an appraisal will help you determine an accurate value for your property so you can make an informed decision on how your assets are divided. 


Historical Appraisals

In the event of a divorce, a retrospective or historical appraisal may be essential in the settlement process. This type of appraisal determines the value of a property at a specific point in history, such as a date of separation or in situations where one party owned a home prior to marriage.


Buyouts & Sales

When determining whether one spouse will stay in the home and buy the other out, or the home will be sold, an appraisal is needed to ascertain the value of the home. This allows for an accurate value to be used to set the sales price.