PMI Removal

PMI Removal

PMI Removal Services

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Save Money On Your Mortgage

You know that having Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) adds money to your mortgage payment, but did you know that PMI coverage protects the lender, not you? Nearly 18% of mortgages in the United States have PMI*, but there are ways to remove it.


Save money by requesting your be PMI removed early. A great appraisal will help you establish proof of value for your home and help you in this process.


Haven't begun your PMI removal process yet? Contact your lender to get started! If your lender already partners with DVS, we look forward to working with you!

An Appraisal Can Help You Get Rid Of Your PMI & Save Money


Prove Current Value

One way to approach PMI removal is to prove that your mortgage balance has reached 80%* of your home's original value. An appraisal is a crucial step in this process and will help prove that your home hasn't fallen below its original value.


Prove Higher Value

An appraisal to help determine if your home has increased in value can also help you remove your PMI. To cancel your PMI based on your home's new value, you must have at least a 75%* Lease-to-Value ratio.


Lower Payments

PMI removal can save you a significant amount off of your payment every month, especially if your PMI payment is high. These monthly savings add up, especially if you're able to stop making payments years earlier than you would otherwise.

*Percentages are approximate. Please contact your lender for exact numbers.