How to Know If Your Appraiser Is Right for You

Finding a great appraiser requires knowing just what to look for in this critical role in purchasing a house. Unfortunately, it can be a bit confusing for many homebuyers. Most people aren’t quite sure what all is essential for a qualified home appraiser to get the job done. Buyers just know the clock is ticking once that offer has been made, and they need to find an expert, now! The appraiser’s job is more than just assigning a dollar amount to the home and it takes a skilled pro to make sure it all goes perfectly. 

The first and maybe most important thing to look for might be when you first chat with the potential appraiser, are they asking all the right questions about the property? Are they listening carefully to your questions and answers? Good communication from the start will spotlight if your appraiser is knowledgeable and invested. This is more than just a transaction to you, it’s your home. Your appraiser should be right on board with you and ready to work closely with your realtor and lender. At DVS we pride ourselves on being a trusted and knowledgeable appraiser that works hard to assess our clients’ needs. 

Also, do they only appraise residential properties or are they handling other types of properties? This answer can make a difference in where an appraiser’s expertise lies. DVS, for example, excels at providing high quality appraisals exclusively for residential properties. Having worked in the appraisal industry for more than 20 years, DVS has an extensive understanding of appraising homes. Having a professional with decades of knowledge eliminates the “have you seen this before?” element of surprise some buyers might experience with a novice appraiser. You want an expert that has seen it all before.

Lastly, does the appraiser specialize in this amazingly diverse area? You will want a professional that is experienced with the types of homes each unique community here provides. It’s imperative your appraiser can assess a 1950’s home near the lake just as easily as a home built last year near the Capitol, and you’ll want a pro that knows the local values inside and out. DVS services the Sacramento and Placer counties exclusively.

Keep that Business Card Handy, There’s Other Appraisals to Save Money

New home buyers often think they will just use an appraisal service at the time of purchase, but often a second appraisal down the road can save a great deal of money for the owner. Buyers that are required to pay PMI may not realize they should watch carefully to have PMI removed as early as possible. Once the mortgage balance has reached 80% of the property’s original value, or once the homebuyer has at least a 75% Lease-to-Value ratio, the PMI can be canceled. The way to prove the value to the lender is with a property appraisal. Working with the right appraiser is once again an invaluable asset for owners.

Many homeowners also don’t know they may consult with an appraiser to appeal a property assessment. There are several services the right appraiser can offer you in addition to the traditional home sale assessment to save money. Consulting with a trusted appraiser along your journey of home ownership can be an invaluable service time and again. DVS is always available to help, feel free to contact us anytime you need advice or have questions, we’re here.