A woman holds a coffee cup and stares peacefully out a window. Learn how appraisals help with divorce settlements.

How An Appraisal Can Make Your Divorce Settlement Easier

August 18, 2020

A divorce is an emotionally traumatic time for anyone. A quality real estate appraisal can make the logistics a little smoother and settle some major issues that arise from this process. From settling divorce disputes to simply making setting a listing price a little easier, discover the advantages of an appraisal. Learn How A Real […]

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A couple speaking with an appraiser as part of the estate planning process. Learn more.

Estate Planning Basics You Need To Consider

August 16, 2020

It’s an uncomfortable subject, but it’s an important one to consider – what will happen to your estate when you’ve passed? Taking time now to proactively get your affairs in order can help you make sure your family is protected in the future. An estate plan makes sure that the transfer of property to your […]

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