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Estate Planning

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Image: An older couple hugs, looking down on the coastline. Learn how our estate appraisal services can help you plan for your future.

Efficient, Accurate Appraisals

A residential appraisal is a crucial part of the estate planning process. Establishing a reference point for the value of your property assets will assist your attorney in appropriately structuring your trust or will according to your wishes.


Taking time to create a thorough estate plan now will ensure the transfer of your estate to your family and beneficiaries is as smooth as possible when the time comes. We provide reports, research and expert testimony for a variety of estate planning purposes.

The Importance of an Estate Planning Appraisal


Estate Plans & Wills

Trusts and wills often call for an estate to be split among beneficiaries of the property owner. If this is the case, an estate planning appraisal will establish an objective value and ensure that all assets are divided appropriately.



Appraisals are valuable in probate, trust, and estate litigation matters. They can help establish a date of death value which can be many years in the past and thus require an experienced appraiser to produce a retroactive appraisal. Appraisals determine current value when there is a buy-out amongst family members. Appraisals are essential in the trust and estate litigation setting when there is a general dispute regarding the value and an expert is needed to help establish the most accurate valuation.


Final Taxes

A post-mortem appraisal, or date-of-death appraisal, is often needed by CPA’s to establish a new taxable value of a property at the date of passing, or up to six months post-mortem. This value will help you or your CPA determine whether you are subject to federal or state estate taxes.